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Hello, My name is Lola I have been a Psychic Reader & Advisor for over 50 years, in the orlando area. I was born with a gift to help others. Aswell as to see into the past,present,and future. I can help guide you into the correct path in life. I can help you in all matter of life (Love,Marriage,Business,Finances,Family)
This is a more in-depth reading
telling the person about
and also allows 2 questions to be asked.
Palm Reading
This is a basic character reading,
Telling the person about past,present.
Psychic Reading
This reading will tell the person about past, present, and future.
Full Life Reading
This being the most in-depth reading
which also includes the
(Palm Reading,Psychic Reading, and-
Tarot Card Reading) Telling past,present,future,love,marriage,
business and all aspects within.
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Psychic Readings By Lola